The Deputy Director in charge of Information and Communication Systems and External Relations, is assisted by:

  • The Head of the information and communication department;
  • The Head of the monitoring, statistics and foresight department;
  • The Head of the External Relations Department.

He is responsible:

  • To design and produce communication materials (school newsletter, websites, etc.);
  • To ensure the integration of basic structures and computer networks and to promote digital technology;
  • To implement mechanisms and procedures for the collection, processing and dissemination of information in the school;
  • To publish any information related to the school by means of information and communication technologies;
  • To guarantee the provision of services via internet for the benefit of the student;
  • To keep the school’s statistical file;
  • To make available to students any information that may help them in choosing their orientation;
  • To initiate actions to promote exchanges and cooperation with other higher education institutions;
  • To encourage the support of students in professional courses;
  • To promote the school’s relations with its socio-economic environment and to initiate partnership programmes;
  • To ensure the follow-up and organization of scientific events (symposia, seminars, etc…).