Director’s Word

I am glad to welcome you through our official website of the National Higher School of Mining and Metallurgy Amar Laskri-Annaba.
Recently appointed as a Director of this higher academic institution, I personally contributed to the edification and the development of this institution. Since 2012, all we wanted was to thrive towards sculpting not only brilliant engineers but also future leaders of our country.
By joining our Higher School you will be engaged in a rich educational experience of high-quality studies matching widely your expectations, all of this, in a modern environment of infrastructures, and pedagogical and research equipment.The multidisciplinary nature of the training and the acquired knowledge by our fresh graduates allow them to access to a wide range of recruitments in their respective fields of competence. According to recent statistics, 90 % of our engineers are already working in both public and private sectors.
Since 2012, The NHSMM multiplied actions towards the development and deployment in the training and research fields as to fulfill the needs of the social-economic sectors. Today, the NHSMM aspires to leadership of extinguished excellence in mining and metallurgy and looking forward to building a rock-solid partnership with the industrial sector and even taking part in some economic projects.
Proud of our accomplishments, we would like to invite you to share the same experience with us, where success is the only happy conclusion we know. We guarantee a smooth not lasting transition from raw coal to a shiny and very prosper solid diamond.

The Director,

Professor S.BENSEHAMDI, Ing, Ph.D