Science and Materials Engineering Department

Head of the Department

Head of Department

The Head of department’s missions

  • Ensure the appropriate pedagogical and administrative functioning of the department.
  • Provide teachers and students with the teaching tools needed for good quality training.
  • Plan and coordinate the department’s activities and pedagogical meetings.
  • Ensure the continual and pedagogical evaluation of the teaching.
  • Ensure students’ presence and the smooth running of teaching.


The humanity evaluation is closely to materials. Staring from stone cutting to space stations and journeys to Mars in the future. Materials development is still the most important engine to rapid evolution in technology. Through thousands of years, materials have been at the heart of the different industrial activities, as carbon steel, special steel and superalloys, composite materials and nanomaterials, therefore, the metallurgical and materials engineer  is ever-present in all the branches if industry, from design to processing to development. The production of an aircraft reactor turbine wing, a solar cell, a railway rail or a mobile phone, such engineer’s competency is inevitable.


The SGM department’s main objective is to train engineers capable of designing new products that are important to any sustainable economic development in the country. The proposed programs concerning the recent problems of design, permit the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in all areas of material science, theoretical and practical that will form a good foundation for the training of future engineer and designer.

Fields of Work


  • Steel industry
  • Automotive construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aeronautical construction
  • Polymer industry
  • Glass and ceramics industry
  • Armament
  • Quality control and certification
  • Welding
  • Study and design
  • Research and design development


The Master prepares students for doctoral studies in major schools and universities.

It opens doors Of centers and research labs for students of master.


Administrative Staff

Name Position Held Email
Head of Department
Assistant – Pedagogy 
Yahmdi Kamel Secretariat
Boulemaredj Hanene Secretariat 

Structure of the Department

  • Secretarial work
  • Schooling

Department activities

  • Pedagogy and Teaching
  • Pedagogical Labs